11 sept. 2011


Here we go !

Finally, 2 years after the first sketches. I've finished the video.
My references are various, from Chris Ware for his extraordinary layout and (sometimes abstract) images, Hans Richter, Len Lye, Stanley Kubrick or Godfrey Reggio (with his qatsi trilogy).
The music i used, from Apparat, really inspired me too!
I must also quote the speech of JFK, you can check it HERE.
LienI guessed that the video is a mix of all these.
I hope you will like it!

I had the help of Florent for all the character animation. He has an amazing blog that you can visit : HERE

I would like to thank the people who supports me, a BIG thank to Yann, Alexis, Florent, François,Stéphane & Sylvain.
And i would like to thank CHEZ EDDY and PASSION PICTURES for their support!

I put below some references or research for the video!

8 juil. 2011


This is my contribution to the Salle Polyvalente.
The theme was "Summer".


27 mai 2011


I tried a new camera, canon AE-1, that yann gave me.
It was my first use of it. a 800 iso film inside and here we go.
I must say that the result was quiet a nice surprise !
I just touch the levels but no color correction on the photos !

15 mai 2011

Cosmo online!

back to 2009!
Finally :)

Sylvain have just put the video of Cosmo online.
I've already talk you about this video. This video, in 3D, is an introduction for a tv serie pilot we did at cartoon network. The director is Charlie Bean (actually director of Tron serie).
I did some color script on the introduction video, some lighting and compositing.
You can see some beautiful researches on Sylvain's blog : HERE
He updated the post with some characters designs and look dev.

here some colorscript i did for the video :

and the video (full credits on vimeo )

enjoy !

11 mai 2011

Credit Confidential

Here some design for the Credit confidential spot, made at Passion pictures.
I did the character design with Yann.
You can see others drawings on his blog

27 avr. 2011

Pilotes Cartoon Network

back to 2009!
Voilà bientôt deux ans j'ai eu l'opportunité de travaillé à Cartoon Network. Au studio de développement à Londres.
De ce petit séjour découle 3 petits pilotes plutôt musclé !!

Dans l'ordre chronologique : celui de Rikke Asbjorn.
Je me suis occupée du compositing.

Celui de Chris Garbutt :
Je me suis occupée d'une partie du compositing avec stéphane.

Et celui de Sylvain :)
Où je me suis occupée de la 3d et du compositing

En attendant de meilleures définitions, je vous invite à visiter leur blogs respectifs pour des artworks et détails de production!

Sylvain : http://polyminthe.blogspot.com/
Rikke : http://fattywhale.blogspot.com/ & http://visualphooey.blogspot.com/2011/04/furry-pals.html
et le court de Chris : http://visualphooey.blogspot.com/2011/04/hotdog-its-pinky-malinky.html

6 mars 2011

Part 3, the CLOUD

Hi everybody;
just a quick note to announce the release of the third episode of the giant serie. At this occasion we launch a new website : http://the-giants.com/

have a nice screening !

23 févr. 2011

number N° (##26]

I'm working on a small thing that it is taking me a long time... Something i've begun one year ago. I'm trying to finishing it as soon as I can :)

I'm ashamed that i didn't posted anything for a long time on this blog. I owe you at least an image!

So i present you N° (##26]

I hope you like it and keep you posted about nN° (##27]..........