18 mai 2010


First pitch did (with Yann of course) at
Passion pictures. A pitch for the U.S.
We loose the first battle, but let see the next one :)
We had abotu 5 days to produce a storyboard, style frames and an animation test. Here they are :

anothers images on his blog.

Premier pitch (avec yann) avec Passion pictures pour les US.
La premiere manche est pour les americains... on verra la suite :)
5 jours de travail pour le story, style frame et test d'animation...

D'autres images sur le blog de Yann...

7 commentaires:

Ronan McMeel a dit…

gorgeous work...

Leo Campasso a dit…

Very beutifull !!!! its great the art of this spot man!!

Thanks for your comment !!
Greetings from Argentina !

Bruno Nunes a dit…

Looks so great!!
Cheers from Brazil!

Andre Barnwell a dit…

Very Nice. I've recently seen artist (for studios) pitching for commercials/shows.

What is the process of doing so? It seems interesting and slightly competitive

Céline DESRUMAUX a dit…

Thx a lto everybody!!

>andre :
"pitch" is very current in the commercial. The client and agency think of a concept or an idea and they go to differents studios and ask them to do some design, animation test and storyboard.
We usually have got between 1 day and 4 days... It's very competitive :) sometimes unfair, but it's the game :)

Benjamin Plouffe a dit…

merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire sur mon blog. J'aime vraiment les colour keys que vous avez posté du projet "Charlie Bean". Génial!


Joe Gloria a dit…

Les couleurs, le style, l'anime, les transitions, etc... c'est vraiment très très bon.